Sweep Rowing, The Short Story


300 Words in Advance

This book is a set of essays on technique and coaching. It addresses all three audiences; the oarsman, the coxswain, and the coach. This isn’t the final word on anything but merely a collection of guidance on successful technique and good practices. I’ve tried to answer as many questions as I could think of within the scope of so few pages. There’ll be several ah-ha moments which I hope you’ll discover with joy.


For your ease of digestion, I set myself a limit of one hundred pages. I figure, if I can’t carry this message in a hundred pages, the possibility exists that I can’t carry it. Part of what you’re paying for is for me to write as few pages as possible so the big picture won’t be lost.


Where appropriate, I’ve tried to add a few words I’ve derived from the rowing culture at its best. I know that I personally have learned many needful lessons on what it means to be a caring adult and one who’s sensitive to the happiness and security of others.


Naturally the main lesson from day to day is about boat speed and how to find it. Though not every subtlety can be captured, I’ve tried to be as specific as possible without the benefit of pictures and diagrams. As with life, some things cannot be understood prior to doing them or, at least, attempting them.


Fortunately rowing rewards you even as you are trying it not so well. The rewards get greater as you strive, so be diligent and patient. Life is long and, as sports go, I’ve seen more people continue rowing for a lifetime than any other sport I know.


As my dad said to me when he dropped me off at college,


Do well.